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Round pull handle with pleasant control. This pull handle is produced from massive brass, with the possibility of changing/replacing magnetic plate on pull handle surface to align the surface / color of the pull handle with the door, or to make the door control area more visible.
For maximal selection is pull handle Oko available in 10 surface finishes.

design: Roman Ulich

Technical information

Assembly system screwing the base plates against each other with 4 screws, covering the mounting screws with magnetic plate, variant WC/bathroom is Screwed with studs
Assembly time 2 - 3 min., variant WC/ bathroom 5 - 10 min.
Dimensional application  standardly for door thickness 38 - 42 mm, bigger door thickness should be specified to deliver longer mounting screws
Preparation into door milling hole
Surface finishes SNi nickel matt, SNi-gr nickel matt grinded, Cr polished chrome, Ms brass natural, Ms-A brass antique, Ms-L brass polished, TIN-C titanium chrome matt, TIN-B titanium brown matt, TIN-A titanium brass matt, TiN-K titanium black matt
Dimension Ø 63 mm, output over the surface of the door 33 mm
Variant WC/ bathroom  external mini WC mechanism + mini lock
Variant cylindrical magnetic cover rosettes diameter 54 mm, th. 5 mm + mini lock
Assembly Instructions + preparation into door Assembly instructions Pull handle Oko (PDF)
Assembly instructions Pull handle Oko WC (PDF)
Drawing Pull handle Oko milling (PDF), (DWG)
Drawing Pull handle Oko WC Milling (PDF), (DWG)

Technical drawings