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Magnetic is a patented system with precise door control adjustments. By simply rotating the screw head we move further or move closer in the magnet plate and thus regulate the magnetic contact force between the door and the doorframe.

Magnetic is prepared for all door variants, for EU type jamb doorframes, metal or invisible. For new buildings and renovations. Magnetic is installed in the doorframe. As a counter plate we use a magnetic block. Magnetic can be installed by a professional joiner in an existing door as an exchange for a classic door lock.

design: Roman Ulich

Technical information

Assembly system mounting into the doorframe using screws depending on the frame type
Assembly time 1 – 2 minutes
Dimensional application standardly for door height 3000 mm, weight up to 200 kg
Preparation into doorframe preparation is provided by the door manufacturer
Surface finishes silver matt, black matt, white matt
Assembly instructions + preparation into door Assembly instructions Magnetic (PDF)
Drawing of doorframe milling for Magnetic (PDF), (DWG)
Drawing of doorframe milling for Magnetic and striking plate (PDF), (DWG)

Technical drawings