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Benefits of magnetic

M&T magnetic has several indisputable advantages. We replaced handles + lock with Magnetic to eliminate any mechanical wear of the components and extend the service life of the door control many times. An important step for your carefree living.

The essential benefit is its perfect functionality.

Other major benefits include:

  • Door control force regulation
  • Door position adjustment
  • Very quiet door control
  • No service and no maintenance
  • Exceptional design of pull handles

Try M&T magnetic system and you will never want another door control.

How M&T magnetic born

For more than 20 years we have been manufacturing quality door handles, all the time innovating and improving them, but we still know that the door with the handle and lock are not without troubles and sooner or later need service, including regular maintenance.

Proč M&T magnetic

We were thinking about the most frequent and at the same time the most reliable functional element of every household.

Magnetic is perfect and we know it…

What is Magnetic? A perfect door control system.

Manufaktura M&T
Manufaktura M&T

We incorporated the WC locking system directly into the control handle.

Reddot design award

M&T magnetic has several indisputable advantages. Essential is its perfect functionality.

We are perfectionists, we care about details. We always want our products to be perfectly matched, including all components - even the heads of mounting screws.

We always care about the perfect functionality and the perfect design too. In the M&T magnetic collection we prepared innovative pull handles with sophisticated ergonomics and exceptional look.